Save the Date! Our next community call will be Thursday December 6th at 12pm PST.

This call will feature updates from Stencila, PREreview, our Ford-Mozilla Fellow Darius, and Dat. We'll also host speakers on the topic of Data Ownership, including

  • Folks from Offline Camp will talk about how they think about data handling and ownership in offline-first tech and more
  • Dr. Kirstie Whitaker will share her perspective on data ownership and privacy in human subjects research

As always, the community call is the place to hear about upcoming conferences you will want to attend (CSVconf is back!), who's hiring, talks to catch up on (check out Mouse Reeve at strangeloop), and other fun announcements from the community.

The agenda for the call is developing here:

To watch this call, log on to the etherpad and click the link on line 7. You can ask questions and chat in the pad and watch the call (thanks to AirMozilla) on YouTube.

Cover photo from our September 2018 community call!