Code for Science & Society is proud to announce our newest Sponsored Project, Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI). This imitative brings together a global community of people and projects committed to expanding the role of, and resources for, open scholarly infrastructure over the next decade. Read on for a cross posting of their announcement of funding - also live at! And stay tuned - the search for IOI's Director will launch soon.

We are thrilled to announce that Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI)  has been generously supported with an award of 150k USD from Schmidt Futures,  a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt. IOI is an  effort to enable durable, scalable, and long lasting open scientific  and scholarly infrastructure to emerge, thrive, and deliver its benefits  on a global scale. We are a global coalition of projects,  organizations, and initiatives actively working to build a sustainable  future for open scholarly infrastructure.

We imagine a world in which communities of researchers, scholars, and  knowledge workers across the globe are fully enabled to share,  discover, and work together. It is clear that the needs of today’s  diverse scholarly communities are not being met by the existing largely  uncoordinated scholarly infrastructure, which is dominated by vendor  products that take ownership of the scholarly process and data. We  intend to create a new open infrastructure system that will enable us to  work in a more integrated, collaborative and strategic way. It will  support global connections and consistency where it is appropriate, and  local and contextual requirements where that is needed.

With this initial support, we will be opening the search for a  Director in the next few weeks. This will be a full time,  remote-friendly position offered in partnership with IOI’s fiscal  sponsor Code for Science & Society. Stay tuned for more details on this opportunity, and visit to show your support and get the latest news.