Csv,conf's community-centered philosophy and interdisciplinary program make it unique among data-centric conferences. CS&S is proud to be part of the csv,conf,v4 organizing team!

The following is a guest post by fellow-organizer Serah Rono describing the history of csv,conf and nudging you to pitch a talk before February 9th. See you in Portland, OR USA this May!

On May 8 and 9 2019, the fourth version of csv,conf is set to take place at Eliot Center in Portland, Oregon. Over two days, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about ongoing work, share skills, exchange ideas (and stickers!) and kickstart collaborations. You are welcome to submit session proposals for our 25-minute talk slots between now and end of day, February 9, 2019.

The commallama has now become a big and fun part of csv,conf. How did we settle on this llama? What is its significance? Is it even a llama? We hear your questions, and implore you to join us in Portland on May 8 and 9 to meet the commallama and find out!

We are keen on getting as many people as possible to csv,conf,v4, and will award travel grants to subsidize travel and associated costs for interested parties that lack the resources and support to get them to Portland. To that end, we have set up our honor-system, conference ticketing page on Eventbrite.

We encourage you to get your conference tickets as soon as possible, keeping in mind that as a non-profit and community-run conference, proceeds from ticket sales will help cover our catering and venue costs in addition to offering travel support for speakers and attendees where needed.

From the first three conferences held in the last four years, csv,conf brought together over 500 participants from over 30 countries. 300+ talks spanning over 180 hours have been presented, packaged and shared on our YouTube channel. Many post-conference narratives and think pieces, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations have also surfaced from previous conferences. This is only part of the story, and we can’t wait to see and hear from you in Portland in May, and are excited for all that awaits!

The conference committee is at hand and happy to answer all questions you may have, and offer any clarifications if needed. Feel free to reach out to us on csv-conf-coord@googlegroups.com.

Happy days!

Napoleon, the comma llama (technically an alpaca) at csv,conf,v3